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Projects, Updates + Releases

What is a Project?

A project is a space for a group of templates to be developed. They provided a segregated place where engineers can make changes to templates and publish those changes allowing contracts to be created from them.

Under the hood, projects are backed by a git repository. This allows engineers to use the normal git tooling can be used with a project.

Project Updates

Every time there is a change in a project, a new "Project Update" gets created. Technically, this happens on every git push operation.

This project update will get analysed and scanned for templates and various metadata automatically. After a few moments of processing, all this data will be made available to use.

Therefore, whenever an update has been analysed, the templates contained within it can be used for contracting.


A Release marks a given project update as being released. Whenever a project update is released, the templates contained within it will be available for contracting. Releases can be deprecated, meaning contracts will no longer be allowed to be created using the templates present within the release's update.

Creating a release requires:

  • a version, which must be project-wide unique
  • a release message