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Product Roadmap

We have lots of exciting features in development. Here are some of the biggest upcoming additions to the product.

Expanded Template and Function Library

  • We are constantly adding example financial instrument Templates to our shared library for use by anyone using Luna
  • Use these Templates as they are, or modify them anyway you want to help you create financial instruments quickly
  • We’re also adding a library of common Functions for use within Templates - this will help users write Templates fast without needing to write their own versions of commonly used logic - e.g. amortisation schedules

No/Low-code contract builder

  • Create financial instruments as Luna Contracts without writing any code (unless you want to)
  • ‘Visual builder’ enabling you to create any required Contract relationships and logic without writing Python code
  • Visual Function blocks can be created in the GUI, or Python snippets can be used for complex logic

No-code financial instrument template builder

No-code financial instrument Template builder

AI assistant for contract building (and more)

  • Use our AI assistant to build financial instruments quickly and easily
  • Quickly create Python code snippets for use in Luna Contracts
  • Other AI features to be announced soon 👀

No-code financial instrument template builder

No code data source wizard

  • Quickly and easily operationalise Contracts from Templates by linking to external data sources with our source wizard
  • Configure multiple types of data sources, such as API, Excel, Web and Databases, in a step-by-step process on the wizard
  • Select data segments and assign them to Attributes in a Contract Template

No-code financial instrument template builder

Additional Enterprise Features

  • SSO Authentication
  • Fine-Grained Access Controls
  • Advanced testing + simulation tools

👀 Sneak-peak of features